Gabriella Bulgarelli

Multimedia Journalist

Brooklyn, NY


Hi! I’m Gabriella.

I'm currently working on Mogul, the hip hop podcast from Gimlet Media.

I graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill in May with degrees in Interactive Multimedia Journalism and English Literature with a concentration in Composition, Rhetoric, and Digital Literacy.This summer I worked as the News Administrative Intern for my local NPR station, WUNC 91.5 FM, as a hip-hop Disc Jockey at WXYC 89.3FM, and as an office assistant at All Day Records. I also held an Innovation Fellowship within UNC's Emerging Technologies Lab where I developed a prototype for a community radio iOS application for Charlotte Public Radio, WFAE 90.7 FM.

I value user-centered design, sophisticated storytelling, and funky sounds.

Click play below to hear a snippet of my radio show while you're exploring my portfolio.

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Multimedia Skills

...this is probably what you came here for...

...other cool things: collection:
  • Canon 5D Mark II
  • Polaroid 600 One Step x2
  • Minolta AF Big Finder
  • Yashica Electro 35 GSN
  • Ricoh AF-5
  • Yashica MAT G
  • Canon EOS Digital Rebel
  • Pentax Honeywell SP1000
  • Instax Wide 300
...special skills:
  • Spanish proficiency (AP Level 5)
  • Basic Italian and Ga
  • Flute
  • DJing DVS (Traktor, Ableton Live, Pioneer/Rekordbox)
  • Research and information gathering
  • Typing speed of 105 wpm
  • Event planning
  • Baking banana bread
  • Collecting vinyl, CDs, and cassettes
  • Digging for hip hop samples
  • drafting tweets i'll never release
  • redrawing North Carolina's racist districts
  • Biking
  • Knitting
  • Watching Curb Your Enthusiasm
  • Befriending people's parents
  • making iconic memes


Gimlet Media

Intern, Mogul

March 2019 - present

  • Working as a production intern for Mogul, the hip hop podcast from Gimlet Media and the Loud Speakers Network.

The FeedFeed

Social Analytics + Video Production Assistant

November 2018 - March 2019

    Working as a Social Analytics and Video Production Assistant for the FeedFeed, the largest social media cooking community in the world, with over 1.4 million followers on Instagram and over 14 million posts hashtagged #FEEDFEED. My responsiblities include, but are not limited to:
  • Executing video production process from client partnership kickoff through reporting, which includes filming, editing and posting all sponsored lives, IG Stories + TV episodes
  • Manage and execute sponsored influencer mailings through MailChimp, aggregating and analyzing newsletter data
  • data synthesis/analytical reporting through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter insights

Hedgehog + Fox

Social Media Analyst

August 2018 - November 2018

  • Conducted a social media audit for Ashoka, a global entrepreneurship organization, which led to the development and implementation of a new company-wide strategy that redefined external communication, expanded reach, and promoted the development of original content with a well-defined voice.

WUNC 91.5

News Administrative Intern

May 2018 - October 2018

  • I supported the production of The State of Things, a daily program which brings the issues, places, and personalities of North Carolina to the ears of its listeners.
  • I researched and booked guests, conducted pre-interviews and composed scripts. I also worked on the show's social media presence, photographed guests in studio, and developed the web posts for each broadcast.
  • Throughout my internship I audited the demographics of the show's guests to assist producers in their goal of representing WUNC's listenership and the state of North Carolina more accurately.

Emerging Technologies Lab, UNC School of Media and Journalism, in partnership with WFAE 90.7 FM

Innovation Fellow

May 2018 - August 2018

  • I worked as the Project Driver and UX Designer in partnership with WFAE 90.7 and the Knight Foundation to develop a prototype for a forum-based iOS application, 'The Loop,' which will help foster communication between Charlotte's residents and the WFAE newsroom.
  • The project traced provenance from existing investigative platforms like Groundsource, Hearken, WBEZ Chicago's Curious City, and the WWNO Listening Post in New Orleans.

All Day Records

Office Assistant

May 2018 - September 2018

WXYC 89.3 FM

Disc Jockey

January 2017 - September 2018

  • I arranged and performed a 2-hour show once per week which was broadcast from the student union at UNC-Chapel Hill.
  • I am the founder and former director of Free Samples, WXYC's first and only hip-hop oriented broadcast, which airs Thursdays 5-7 PM. I'm still helping produce the show in my free time, but it's being hosted by Chad Covin.
  • As a member of the reviews and recommendations team I helped curate the station's library and inform DJs of new releases. I mainly submitted and reviewed both global and local hip hop, r&b, and neo-soul releases.
  • I also participated in WXYC's New Science Experience (NSE). NSE is a weekly broadcast which focuses on developing skills in DJing using digital vinyl systems.

Daily Tar Heel

Production Manager

August 2017 - May 2018

  • I acted as a liaison between the advertising department and newsroom and arranged the layout for each print issue of the newspaper. I also helped arrange content for Southern Neighbor, a lifestyle publication created under the DTH umbrella.
  • I developed some in-house marketing materials and also worked on SEO, placed and tracked ads through AdSense, and occasionally wrote freelance for the DTH arts and entertainment desk.
  • I worked previously as a multimedia storyteller for the 1893 Brand Studio, the Daily Tar Heel's in-house content hub (Jan. 2017-Aug. 2017).

VibeHouse 405

Multimedia Production Intern

January 2018 - May 2018

  • I assisted with the launch of a new recording studio in downtown Chapel Hill.
  • My responsibilities included photography, videography, content management and composition for blogging, as well as event planning and community engagement.

Durham Voice

Writing/Photography Intern

August 2017 - January 2018

  • I developed skills in photography and feature writing by producing content (bi-weekly) for this small, nonprofit newspaper which serves the diverse, underrepresented community of Northeast-Central Durham.
  • I also directed weekly mentoring sessions to help high school students of color explore their journalistic interests.

Students for Education Reform

State Media Captain

December 2015 - December 2016

  • SFER is a national nonprofit which enables students with the resources to fight for educational justice within their community.
  • I worked as part of a 5 member state team, reported to a state program coordinator and a national board of managers and donors.
  • Ierformed both print and digital media services for all 3 state chapters (Charlotte, UNC Chapel Hill, Wake Forest). This included, but was not limited to: graphic design, videography and photography, writing and publishing op-eds of members, maintenance of 10+ social media profiles across various platforms, publishing a monthly newsletter via MailChimp and developing campus outreach programs.
  • I also helped direct #Magnetize NC, a campaign that aimed to make North Carolina's magnet schools both more accessible and diverse.
  • I worked previously as the President (and chapter Media Coordinator) of the UNC chapter of SFER (December 2014-December 2015).


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GitHub: Gabriella-Bulgarelli

This site was originally made for a MEJO 221 assignment, and has since been remodeled in MEJO 581. Since graduating it has been revised and expanded to showcase my portfolio.